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Partners & Integrations


Agilitest provides a software solution to create web, desktop and mobile automated tests through easy recording which creates scripts in ActionTestScript (ATS) format. Those scripts can then be manually editable


Tosca is a continuous testing platform with script-less, no-code approach for end-to-end test automation. Start Genymotion Cloud virtual devices, run manual or automated tests from Tosca.


UFT Mobile is a lab of real mobile and virtual devices. Devices are centralized and geographically distributed team members can have remote access for functionnal testing. Combined with UFT One


Applitools provides AI-powered visual regression testing of applications and allows you to test cross-platform easily to identify visual bugs. Applitools helps developers, test automation engineers, QA professionals, and DevOps teams

Genymotion meets Cloudbeat illustration.


CloudBeat is a central hub for executing and analyzing automated tests in DevOps environment. It has developed a complementary open source project called Oxygen that allows to create Appium and

MoQuality integration illustration.


MoQuality is a sandbox that enables end-to-end UI mobile testing. Create Appium tests and run them on Genymotion Cloud devices. MoQuality provides a mobile app testing solutions driven by artificial

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Personal Use - Free

Genymotion Desktop for personal use is not suitable for trial or POC: you will not get any assistance and some features will be disabled. If you have already selected “personal use” and wish to get a trial license, please contact our Sales at [email protected].

Technical support is not available with Genymotion Desktop free edition for personal use. For more details, please refer to Genymotion conditions of use (Personal Use).

The following features are not available in personal use mode:

Follow these steps to get Genymotion Desktop and activate personal use mode:

  1. Go to the Download page and get the latest version for your system.
  2. Follow the instructions from Genymotion Desktop quickstart guide to install Genymotion Desktop.
  3. Launch Genymotion and click CREATE to create an account. You should receive an activation email within an hour. If not, make sure to check your spam.
  4. After activating your account, return to Genymotion and log in with your credentials.
  5. Select personal use when prompted.
  6. Read Genymotion Desktop quickstart guide carefully to setup Genymotion for your needs.