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License Guide

A license key can only be used by one person on one computer and a spare.

You must have an activated Genymotion account to register your license key.

Genymotion Desktop automatically connects to your user account to check the validity of the license key. If you are off-line, you need to connect it to the Internet after 15 days. This ensures nobody else uses your license.

Registering a license key

If you run Genymotion Desktop for the first time:

  1. Launch Genymotion Desktop
  2. Sign in to authenticate to Genymotion:

    First sign in

  3. In the Usage window, choose I have a license:

    Credentials window

  4. Enter your license key and click Register:

    License registration

  5. Read and accept the EULA. Once you are registered, your license details are displayed in this window.

If you have already used Genymotion and you are already logged in:

  1. Go to GenymotionSettings and select the Account tab:

    Account tab

  2. Click on REGISTER and enter your license key:

    Register license

  3. Once the license is registered, its details are displayed in this window.

Managing licenses

Once your license(s) is validated, you can refer to your user settings on the Genymotion website to view its details at any time.

To manage your license(s):

  1. Sign in to Genymotion account page
  2. Go to the Orders tab:

Orders tab

  • Current License: The license key currently registered to your account, with its validity period. Click Download Genymotion to download Genymotion Desktop or Extend license to renew the license.
  • Other Licenses: All the licenses already purchased with their validity period as well as their related user accounts and e-mails. You can renew all these licenses by clicking Extend licenses for 1 year.

    To renew licenses and add some new ones at the same time, you must make two separate transactions.

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