Genymotion Virtual Devices 3.0.0

New Genymotion Virtual Devices version 3.0.0 for Genymotion Desktop 3.3 have been released. Android 11.0 is available with this release, for our paying customers.

New Features

  • QEMU Support: We have added support for the QEMU hypervisor. This allows better performances, improved boot time and device state can now be saved and resumed for even quicker availability (quick boot).
  • Rounded corners: For Android 9 and higher virtual devices, it is now possible to configure rounded corners radius and padding.
  • Mobile data: An emulated mobile data network interface is now available for Android 8 and higher virtual devices. Some network profiles and throttling can be applied to it.
  • Sensors: New emulated sensors are now available: gyroscope, proximity sensor and magnetometer.
  • Audio: It is now possible to inject audio media files to the virtual device microphone.
  • VM Heap size: The VM heap size can now be adjusted in the virtual device settings.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Android 10: Android 10 devices could not start with AMD GPUs on Windows. This issue has been fixed.
  • Android 9 and higher: The OpenGL stack has been updated.