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Genymotion SaaS comes with a full-fledged HTTP API which allows you to:

  • list all available device recipes
  • start and stop virtual devices
  • list all your running virtual devices

Generate and Manage API Tokens

You can use a personal API token to authenticate to Genymotion SaaS HTTP API.

Create a new Token

To create a Token, click on "Create":

API token window

A popup will open. Then, give a description to your token and click "CREATE" when done:

API token popup

Your new token will be displayed. You can then copy it to your computer clipboard and paste it somewhere safe:

Once a token has been created, it will never be possible to view or copy its value again. Make sure to copy the token at this point and store it in a safe place.

API Token synthesis

When done, your newly created token will be listed in the Your API Tokens section:

You can only have up to 25 tokens

API Token list

Revoke a Token

You can revoke any created Token at any time by Clicking REVOKE in the Your API Tokens section:

API Token revoke

Click REVOKE again to confirm:

Revoking a Token is a permanent action and cannot be undone.

API Revoke popup

API Reference

Click on Genymotion SaaS HTTP API link from the Documentation section or follow this link: to access the HTTP API reference.

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